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Republicana is a Costa Rican resort wear label that celebrates an escape from the ordinary, evoking the comfort and color of the tropical paradise every time you slip on a sundress. Our beautiful country serves as the perfect setting for an extraordinary awakening.

Founder & Designer Daniela Rodriguez named the label after her family beach house in Costa Rica. Inspired by the style of the glamorous women who vacationed there. It’s a place to rediscover the meaning of serenity, fringed with sugar sand beaches, swaying palms and endless summer nights. Here, the easy, breezy feeling of vacation never goes out of style.

Created in 2015, Republicana’s mission was to build an ethical fashion line that was socially and environmentally responsible.

Roughly 15% of the total fabric used by the fashion industry is wasted. To counteract these wasteful practices we have come up with our accessory collection, which allows us not only to use all of our fabric leftovers from our garments, but also create custom order pieces for our clients.

Our locally sourced acrylic, used in our accessories, is a result of recycling practices. We collect the acrylic waste from local companies that they no longer need and we enable reusing or repairing, which results in fewer materials entering the waste stream. Reduction and reuse are the most effective ways for protecting the environment.

Every stage of the fashion industry’s supply chain is energy-intensive. By utilizing renewable energy sources we can transform the fashion sector and build a more sustainable world. Republicana is now operating on 98% renewable energy, making our manufacturing process more efficient. 

We employ local artisans with a high level of quality and expertise in their particular craft. We strive to lift these artisans and their families out of poverty by providing employment with a fair wage, good working conditions, and no gender or racial discrimination.

Without them, these products and the entire concept of Republicana could not exist. 

Whether it’s an island sunset, dining under the stars or dancing the night away, our pieces will look and feel their best at any moment.

Behind every collection lies an adventurous new journey, inspired from the sun-chasing boho woman, exotic faraway destinations, and our love for nature. The result, a collection full of pieces that will make each woman feel instantly confident and beautiful. Dedicated to a young women of spirit that isn’t afraid of color.

Each piece is carefully designed and handcrafted by local artisans using ancient textile techniques. They are infused with a sense of beauty, sensuality and effortlessly stylish, that will bring the happiness of the tropics into your everyday life.

We hope to bring you a little piece of paradise to your heart!